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Cookies and the law

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The Back Story to Cookie Law

In 2011 an EU Directive was adopted by all European Union countries that was designed to give individuals back their privacy. The directive states that websites should get consent from visitors to retrieve or store any information on a internet enabled device. This could be your computer, smartphone or tablet. Soon after the directive was issued all participating countries then adapted the laws so as to comply.

Example of a cookie permissions popup found on most sites

The directive was created to protect online privacy by making you the consumer aware of exactly how your information is collected online by website you visit, so as to give you a choice to allow it or choose not to allow it. As a result of this law all websites targeting visitors from EU countries are required to have this warning on their pages all in order to comply with the new law.

Protecting Your Privacy

The new law is intended to help protect your privacy as you surf the net. For example,  lest say you search for a vehicle in one of the search engines, say Google. The search engine will drop a little cookie in your computer as a way to remind it’s self about your previous search. So on another day when you next go online, the cookie will remember your search for a vehicle and suddenly start to show you adverts of vehicles you may be interested in.  

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