Short Sharp Tutorials On How To Manage The Cookies On Your Computer

How To Delete Your Cookies?

I will also briefly explain the benefits of cookies and how they can be useful to improve the experience of some of your favourite websites.

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So What Are Cookies

Cookies & How They Work?

Cookies are basically small text based computer files that are created and stored on your web browser while you are visiting a website. Each time you move to a new page the browser you are using sends the Cookie back to the server to notify it of your previous activity. They usually comprise of a few lines of data that is stores in a way the website server you are visiting can interpret. They are also know as browser cookies, web cookies or internet cookies.

What Are They Cookies Used For?

Computer Cookies are commonly used by website developers as a way to capture certain information about your browsing session mainly in order to provide you with a custom often better experience when navigating through their website. At their core, they enhance user ability, collect stats and store personal preferences you may set whilst browsing. Almost all websites in this day and age depends on cookies to deliver the experience you and many other internet surfers have become accustomed to.

Concerned about cookies

Should You Be Concerned about cookie? The answer to the question would be yes and no! Yes because they can be used to create a user profile based on your surfing habits and then use that knowledge to target you online. And no because cookies have been around for ages and are generally used to enhance your web surfing experience. I would even go as far as saying the internet would be very different place without them as many of your favorite sites depend on them to provide you with a good browsing experience.

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